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Equilibrium is a platforming 2D third-person shooter where the player takes on the role of a humanoid intergalactic soldier defending humanity from the hostile inhabitants of their newly found home.
Shoot enemies, collect intel, and proceed through the stages of humanity’s battle as the enemy also grows stronger.
The environment around you – and the type of enemy- changes as the battle and narrative progress.
Fight for humanity; push back the enemies and establish the equilibrium.

Key features:

Due to being a time-constrained university project this game is not finished, and this could be called an alpha version.

  • Platforming action; springs, ladders, and lava
  • Different enemy types to fight – Some hurt more than others!
  • Explore the level to gain as much points as possible; the player is rewarded for exploration and defeating as many enemies as possible
  • Local high score board
  • Art and music change as the story progresses

Release Info

Platform: Windows, PC

Release date: 23rd June, 2014

Requirements: 1gb of RAM recommended.

Installation instructions: Run the exe file.

Warning: As the game is still in development it may contain bugs and glitches that could be game breaking. 

Contact information:lucyhayles55@gmail.com

Lucy Hayles is an aspiring game developer from Christchurch, New Zealand, and is now studying at Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand. This is her first game release.  


equilibrium.exe 165 MB